Wednesday, June 8, 2011

walk this way

Sam: Hey Benjers do you wanna walk the long way up the hill so we can chit-chat?
Benjamin: I'm ok with that

The boys walked up the long way and then took the stairs, the bits of conversation I overheard were about legos.  Sometimes it's the little moments that matter.  I love it when they love being brothers.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Subway, and Vans, and Gundams, OH MY!


Designated Hitter here for this update of
KIDS IN KOREA!!!!!! (echo)

Benjamin was in school and Asher is tiny(and waving at this picture of the Gundam) so I took Sam with me up to seoul to get our van. We started out going to Dunkin' Doughnuts:

After we DD'd it up we went to get our temporary plates and to meet up with my buddy Nick.
We hit the subway from Osan to Seoul, which takes  about an hour and change. Sam got his own Subway Pass:

On the Subway Sam played Gameboy and fell asleep:

After getting off at the Yongsan station in Seoul, we hopped a taxi and went to the main base. It was there we learned the fate of our van, which was at one of the smaller satellite bases. So, we went and got our Big Zam....... I never thought the sight of a minivan would be so welcome.

After we got our van back, we headed back to the Yongsan station,  for a bite to eat at Burger 'N Shake.... needless to say, their idea of Chili Fries is not what I expected.

 Chili Sause does not make Chili fries......

Also, inside lay the South Korean Mecha (it's a pun off of Mecca.)  We saw signs heralding the Gundam Base, a large store devoted to Gundam models.... it was amazing.

So went on our pilgrimage to Mecha, and we prayed at several alters..... also Sam got a picture inside of a SD Gundam cutout.

We got some stuff here, and those who know who I am would be shocked to know that I dropped less than 50 dollars here. It was a great little trip and I look forward to bringing the other boys up to Seoul as well.
D-H Outtie

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Want To Be Like Dad

Dad had to get his hair cut and Asher needed his hair cut too.  

There you are across the room.

I can see you dad!

I told her to leave it a little long and she left a mullet.

So we had to fix it.
By the end of his hair cut he had 2 ladies helping and he was so handsome.

Friday, May 20, 2011


"NO HE DIDN'T! I just lost my tooth.  It wiggled out in the car.  I put my tongue under it and POP! it came out."  Benjamin gets bothered every time I ask him if Papa punched him in the mouth.

He also said "I didn't know the tooth fairy gave out Korean money."  Papa said "Well son it's faster to have the Korean tooth fairy come than wait on the American one."

So it's official our oldest has started losing teeth.  Sam has requested, "Mom I want a wiggly tooth now."  Try explaining to a 5 yr old that you cannot wish your teeth loose.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Tae Kwan Do Exhibition

Benjamin and Sam have been in Tae Kwan Do for about 4 weeks now.  They're styles are very different.  Sam throws his whole self into class and his 'HYE YA!'s are very loud.  Benjamin is a bit quieter, but he watches and makes sure that he's doing the movements right.  This last Saturday the boys had an exhibition.  A Tae Kwan Do exhibition is when all the classes from a school show off their talents.  Grand Master Moon has students from base ages 4-18, Grand Grandmaster Moon has students from base 18+ and both master Moons have students off base.

A traditional Korean band came down from Seoul to play for the event.  I'm not sure why they dressed up like clowns.  But the music was pretty cool.

To start off the exhibition all the students lined up and went through the warm up exercises.  Benjamin and Sam are in the  back row because they are white belts.

Sam is so serious here.

He gets a little lost in the middle of warm ups.

Benjamin following along.

After warm ups the white belts went first, and since the other two white belts didn't come it was just Benjamin and Sam.

Sam already broke a board because he was so excited

Bowing to show respect to audience.

Bowing to show respect to the board holders.

Front Kick...


Getting ready to bow again.
On Breaking boards, Sam: That was really cool, I broke TWO!
Benjamin: Whoa
Sam broke boards with a quick, hard front kick.  Benjamin took four tries to break his board, he was nervous and didn't want to kick that hard.  But with a little encouragement he got that board broken.  

After the white belts went all the other belts had a turn to show off.  Then the grown ups, then the show team.  Those guys cut apples in half blind folded off a sword doing a back flip.  It was rad.  They also did some movie stunts and a blindfolded bell stunt.  It was a cool thing to watch and the boy liked being a part of the exhibition.

Benjamin and Sam on Grand Grand Master Moon's lap

The whole school of Master Moon.