Saturday, June 4, 2011

Subway, and Vans, and Gundams, OH MY!


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KIDS IN KOREA!!!!!! (echo)

Benjamin was in school and Asher is tiny(and waving at this picture of the Gundam) so I took Sam with me up to seoul to get our van. We started out going to Dunkin' Doughnuts:

After we DD'd it up we went to get our temporary plates and to meet up with my buddy Nick.
We hit the subway from Osan to Seoul, which takes  about an hour and change. Sam got his own Subway Pass:

On the Subway Sam played Gameboy and fell asleep:

After getting off at the Yongsan station in Seoul, we hopped a taxi and went to the main base. It was there we learned the fate of our van, which was at one of the smaller satellite bases. So, we went and got our Big Zam....... I never thought the sight of a minivan would be so welcome.

After we got our van back, we headed back to the Yongsan station,  for a bite to eat at Burger 'N Shake.... needless to say, their idea of Chili Fries is not what I expected.

 Chili Sause does not make Chili fries......

Also, inside lay the South Korean Mecha (it's a pun off of Mecca.)  We saw signs heralding the Gundam Base, a large store devoted to Gundam models.... it was amazing.

So went on our pilgrimage to Mecha, and we prayed at several alters..... also Sam got a picture inside of a SD Gundam cutout.

We got some stuff here, and those who know who I am would be shocked to know that I dropped less than 50 dollars here. It was a great little trip and I look forward to bringing the other boys up to Seoul as well.
D-H Outtie


  1. Yes what was with the fries? Did you still eat it?

  2. they put chili sauce on the fries, and DH did eat some, Sam too. Also Sam's favorite part of the trip was getting Char's Zaku.

  3. Sammy, you are so cute in these pictures! It looks like you had a fun-filled day and a great time with Mom. :-)

  4. the day was with DH...we don't use his name in the blogs b/c of security reasons. also DH is blogger speak for Dear Husband.

  5. I knew DH meant "dear husband," but when I read your above comment that "DH [ate those so-called chili fries]" (and thinking *you* took Sam out) I thought you were saying that you saved the fries for DH and brought them home for him to eat. I couldn't figure out why you'd bring home disgusting fries for him to try out. LOL! But now it makes so much more sense. :-)