Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Joongang Market

 The Joongang market is there everyday, inside you can find all sorts of Korean foods, from dried fish heads to squid, spices to desserts.
yes those are dried fish heads

red pepper spice, essential for Korean food

Korea rice cake desserts. YUM! 

Sam wanted to buy one of these chickens.
yes those are pulled from the water squid.
Sorry this post has taken a while.  The boys and I went to the Joongang market all by ourselves.  Many food vendors stopped us to give the boys samples.  Sam pretty much didn't like anything new that we tried, but Benjamin did.

Sam did love seeing all the new foods on display.  The squids were particularly fascinating.  We wandered up and down the alleys.

This lady stopped us so we could try some seaweed
 Benjamin liked the seaweed, this kind she offered us is used for kimbop, the Korean version of sushi.  She also had some seaweed that is just used for snacking, Benjamin liked it.

 Sam However did not!  We had him try everything but as you can see from his face he did not like it.

He did like the food from a vendor right outside of the market.  Sam got some potstickers, Benjamin got tempura shrimp and Asher got a Korean corn dog.

who wouldn't fall for this grin :)

These yellow fruits are actually melons, I can't remember the name, and even if i could i wouldn't be able to spell it.  All the boys liked it, and do did I which is pretty much amazing because I do not like melons. But they were really good.

Overall the boys are adjusting to living here great.  Benjamin tries the food and loves it.  Sam loves meeting new people and trying new things.  Asher loves all the attention he gets from the Korean grandmas.

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