Monday, April 18, 2011

Our First ER Visit

On Sunday Benjamin said that he wasn't feeling well.  His stomach and mouth hurt.  I told him to try to go poo, and rinse his mouth out with mouth wash.  He did both those things and felt better so we went to church.  After church he took a nap, woke up feeling better and played with his brothers.  He ate a late lunch and then took another nap.  Warning bells should have gone off because he hasn't taken a nap since we got to Korea.  He woke up at dinner time and sat up, but didn't eat anything I asked him what was wrong and he said that his mouth hurt.  When Benjamin turned and looked at me this is what I saw.
 It looked like he had a ping pong ball in his cheek.  So scott and I took him to the ER.  The doctor there gave us some Motrin for the pain and Penicillin to help with the infection and told us to come back tomorrow morning.  We went back and saw the on call dentist.  He looked at Benjamin's face, took some x-rays and said we had to pull the tooth.  Benjamin who normally is good at the dentist office screamed and screamed.  Even after he was throughly numbed he screamed.  Sam played with my iPad and I had to hold Asher and Benjamin.  The doctor finally got his tooth out.

Benjamin spent the rest of the day drooling, watching movies, napping, and playing the Wii.  He did drink a juice box and eat some ice cream.  We've been switching him on Motrin and Tylenol to help manage the pain, but he doesn't ask for any pain medication, the little trooper.

Then the poor guy woke up this morning, I think he looks worse, but it may be swelling from getting his tooth extracted.  He's also running a fever again.

So your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.  He is just really not feeling good.


  1. Please be careful with juice boxes. Generally, dentists and oral surgeons will tell you to *not* drink through straws following a tooth extraction (the low pressure in the mouth created by sucking a straw can dislodge the clot [which, in turn, could lead to dry socket; another painful ailment of the mouth.])

    Unless the dentist said it was ok, then disregard my advice. I just want what's best for the little guy. :-)

  2. the ER doc said to give him juice, and he can't really swallow. I don't think he can suck hard enough to dislodge the clot, but I'll be sure to tell him to be careful. He is drooling non stop. We are going to the doctor again this morning.

  3. you will be surprised how easy it is to dislodge. i have had three teeth pulled and had dry sockets twice. Worse pain then having a baby in your living room. I really would avoid any straws or even slurping soup too vigorously.
    Poor guy, his is in my prayers!

  4. So sorry to hear this! You are in our thoughts and prayers, Benjamin! We hope you feel better soon!

    Aunt Emily and family

  5. You guys are in our thoughts.

  6. Benjamin is doing better today, his mouth is still swollen, but he's talking more and even told a joke, "What happens when two oceans meet?"
    "They wave!"
    On the other hand Sam put himself down because he's got a fever and his throat hurts. Welcome to KOREA!